The Spin Room at Local Loops Cycling Club by Pedla | We're home!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you would probably have missed all our overly excited Instagram + Facebook posts regarding our move to the Local Loops Cycling Club in Sackville Street, Collingwood.

Well, it’s all done. It’s signed, it’s sealed & it’s been delivered. We’re in. Classes started back on Monday 7th with both the 5:30PM + 6:30PM classes being basically booked out. Good result we thought!

The Local Loops Cycling Club is a collaborative space curated by The Pedla team. It was created to engage with the cycling community & if we’re honest, we couldn’t be happier to call it home.

44 Sackville Street is now home to:

  • The Pedla, the Melbourne born roadwear brand, known for performance, style & culture;

  • Tom’s Cafe, fueled by Genovese coffee & biscotti sweeter than stolen honey; and

  • The Spin Room.

Our timetable hasn’t changed at all from that of North Fitzroy. In fact, since we’re only operating with 12 bikes now (as opposed to the 24 that we had) we may eventually end up running more classes. This will purely depend on both weather & demand. Please note, running only 12 bikes now means bookings are absolutely essential to securing your spot. We’re only 2 days in & the demand is high!

Whilst we loved calling North Fitzroy home for almost a decade, our time there was up. We’ll miss the space we had there but we’re so incredibly excited about all that is the The Spin Room at Local Loops Cycling Club. We totally get that change can be scary but we’re pretty confident (alright, mega confident) that you’ll find this change for The Spin Room, one for the better!

Come down & see what we’re on about..

See you soon at The Spin Room to #trainintorideout.