What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle & a towel. Classes are intense & you’re likely to sweat [A LOT!]. You can also bring a Garmin bike computer or heart rate strap. This will allow you to record your training results. All bikes are ANT+ compatible & will work with bike computers & straps using this standard.

Setting up the bike.

If it’s your first session, try to arrive 15 minutes early & notify the instructor - they'll help get you setup on your bike & talk you through your first session. Coffee obviously goes hand-in-hand with cycling so they'll fix you an espresso too! Beginner classes are great for learning about the WattBike & getting used to cycling terminology!

What should I wear?

We recommend cycling shoes & comfortable cycling gear. Loose clothing is not recommended as it can get caught in the moving parts of the bike.

We have a universal Shimano/Look pedal system which allows both MTB & road cleats [Shimano & Look Keo]. You can also wear runners as all bikes have toes clips. Please speak to an instructor about using the pedal system if unfamiliar.

How do I book a class?

The booking system we use is MindBody. Follow the below steps to book a bike:

  1. Create a MindBody account | CREATE
  2. Buy a Class Pass | BUY
  3. Go to Class Schedule & click 'SIGN UP NOW' | BOOK

You can also click the banner at the top of the home screen & you'll be redirected to MindBody to start the process.

Please note that should you require a refund due to change of mind, a 20% fee is payable from the balance, due to MindBody fees incurred to process this.